10 Best DC Rebirth Comics (So Far)

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Over a year has passed since DC Comics rebooted their entire universe with DC Rebirth. That one comic brought the promise of DC’s return to a higher standard of storytelling and elements that had been missing for the past few years. Gone are the unnecessary attempts at edginess that plagued the New 52, and the comics are back to focusing on how to make these characters as engaging as possible.

With DC giving an overhaul to all its ongoing titles, new creative teams were brought in to help rejuvenate the entire line. Now that enough time has passed, it’s becoming clear what comics are working the best and where their respective stories are going.

Rebirth has also totally rejuvenated DC’s sales, and with good reason. Shaking up their overall vision has brought DC Comics back to being the heavy hitters of the medium that they always should have been.

10. Nightwing

As with many characters in DC Rebirth, Dick Grayson is notable for returning to some of his defining traits. Most evidently, he is again sporting a classic costume design, has moved out of Gotham and is residing in his signature city, Blüdhaven.

Written by Tim Seeley, the title focuses on Grayson striking out on his own and trying to make a name for himself away from Batman. What makes this title interesting is that Nightwing uses more than just his fists to help others, such as when he assists in a support group for reformed villains. Overall, the title takes a grounded approach when telling stories that focus on the idea of being independent, which in Dick’s case, is a character defining attribute.

The art, primarily done by Minkyu Jung, shows a more vulnerable Nightwing than you would typically see in a Batman title. The art succeeds in featuring characters that do not have the standard comic book physique, which helps make the title more accessible to readers. Overall, then, Nightwing stands out as a perfect book for readers who are embarking on a new chapter in their lives. Definitely check it out.

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