10 Best DC Rebirth Comics (So Far)

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9. Aquaman

With the advent of Rebirth, Aquaman has been one of DC’s most consistently strong releases. Written by Dan Abnett and Scot Eaton, the book deals with Aquaman’s rule over Atlantis. With war, betrayal, and assassinations, the comic plays out like an epic thriller beneath the sea.

For the most part, Aquaman is a self-contained title and doesn’t have much crossover with the rest of the DC Universe. This allows the book to fully immerse itself in a singular story that has only been getting better as time goes on.

Eaton’s art has to create an entire world, which he does masterfully. He is able to believably portray underwater physics and has some amazing character designs. With Aquaman just passing its 25th issue, readers should jump on now if they haven’t already.

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