10 Best Non-Marvel/DC Superheroes

8. Scott Pilgrim

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s fantastic creation, Scott Pilgrim, starred in one of the most enjoyable comic titles Oni Press has ever published as our hapless hero fell in and out of love and fought his girlfriend’s evil exes in a series of computer-game/manga influenced fight sequences. At its core Scott Pilgrim is a teen romance story as Scott, a Canadian bass player for his band Sex Bob-Omb, falls in love with an American delivery person, Ramona Flowers. But his imagination lifts the mundane courting and relationship rituals to high-octane superhero action as he fights Ramona’s exes. High-flying acrobatics, Street Fighter-esque pyrotechnics, superhero speed and strength, great jokes, and fast moving martial arts action made Scott Pilgrim an exciting and memorable comic and turned Scott from pathetic slacker to temporary, but noble, superhero. It was also made into an excellent and massively underrated movie starring Michael Cera and directed by Edgar Wright.

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