10 Comic Book Deaths That Angered The World

As the old comic book fan phrase used to go, nobody stays dead in comics except Bucky, Jason Todd and Uncle Ben. But then, in 2005, the former two names on that short list younger aides to Captain America and Batman, respectively both made big comebacks. This served as further proof that death is never an end in comic book fiction.

At times, it seems like the writers in charge of Marvel and DC will resurrect whoever the hell they like via any wacky means they can dream up if they can fill a few bankable issues with a decent story as a result. Incredibly rarely, this isn’t the case. Once in every seven blue moons, a character will die and stay dead in a comic book. Now it’s time to salute these fallen comic book characters; the select few who haven’t found a way back from their demise yet.

10. Goliath (Bill Foster)

In Mark Millar’s Civil War comics set to provide the framework for Marvel Studios next big tent-pole, Captain America: Civil War there needed to be some real stakes to convince readers that the conflict between established superheroes was truly dangerous. To achieve this, Millar decided to kill off Bill Foster (AKA the ginormous superhero Goliath/ Black Goliath).

A rogue clone of Thor named Ragnarok that was created by Tony Stark and pals as a replacement for the God Of Thunder struck Goliath down during a massive super-powered battle. (If you’re unfamiliar, the heroes were essentially fighting over the Superhuman Registration Act, which sought to give the government control over heroes.) Get ready for the shortest comeback in history, Thor Goliath yelled at the clone upon its arrival, before Ragnarok responded with a snarky I don’t think so and sent a bolt of lightning straight through Goliath’s chest, killing him. This deadly event led to changes of heart and allegiance within the conflict.

A funeral was held, and Bill’s nephew Tom Foster later took up the mantle of Black Goliath. Importantly, Bill stayed dead, hammering home the fact that the superhero Civil War was no-nonsense clash of heroes and ideologies, where lives were actually at stake for a change.

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