10 Comic Book Deaths That Angered The World

9. Jor-El And Lara Lor-Van

Some characters are invented with the expressed purpose of dying and supplying an origin story for more important characters. Superman’s parents – Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van fit firmly into this category. Jor-El was the scientist who predicted the demise of Krypton, and Lara Lor-Van was his wife. Together, they sent their infant son away so he would survive the destruction of his home world.

Notably, they’ve never risen from the dead and Superman has never found a way to save them. They’ve cropped up in wobbly timeline stories and multiple flashbacks over the years, but nothing more than that. The fact that these two must fall for the iconic hero Superman to rise is too large a part of the Man of Steel’s mythology for the writer’s to ever truly bring them back. That’d be nothing but a disservice to the big blue boy scout.

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