10 Comic Book Spin-Offs Of Iconic Horror Franchises

9. Hellraiser

As you may expect from a series based on a franchise by film and literary legend Clive Barker, Hellraiser is quite the illustrious name in horror comics. As with the movies, the comics are generally an anthology type affair, largely keeping Pinhead in the background or saving him for special appearances.

Which isn’t to say that the inhuman pincushion doesn’t have time for the occasional comic book crossover (see Hellraiser vs Nightbreed: Jihad and Hellraiser vs Marshal Law: Law in Hell for all the gory details).

With a comic book history dating back to the first movie’s release in 1987, Hellraiser has weathered the times far better than most of Pinhead’s slasher film compatriots, most likely due to the wide variety of possibilities in the source material – and readers’ occasionally cult-like devotion to the work of Clive Barker and Pinhead himself.

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