10 Comic Book Spin-Offs Of Iconic Horror Franchises

8. Hatchet

Victor Crowley may be relatively new to the slasher scene, but he’s already proved popular enough for three movies and a semi-reboot (actually another sequel). His comic book career, however, is only just beginning.

Following a crossover with slasher slayer Hack/Slash (a horror legend in her own right), Crowley got his own burgeoning series in Adam Green’s Hatchet. While the one-shot Issue #0 hardly set the swamp alight (not with art like that), the first in the series is due to land imminently, just in time for Halloween. Set in 1983, it sees a gang of college kids trespassing on Crowley’s swamp. Bloodshed, of course, ensues.

Only time will tell whether Victor Crowley is more successful than his slasher peers at maintaining a comic book series but, on the basis of his movie CV so far, he’s off to a very strong start. If anyone can do it, Victor Crowley can.

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