10 Controversial Batman Comics DC Wants You To Forget

9. Batman: Manbat

Kirk Langstrom – also know as Manbat – is maybe the single most underused Batman villain to still be considered part of the character’s rogues’ gallery. That’s why it’s a shame that the Manbat standalone comic is an Elseworld tale, because it essentially means some of the most interesting stuff we know about Langstrom isn’t canon.

However, this isn’t a total tragedy, as a canon Batman: Manbat would practically ruin the character, if not also Batman himself. It’s not totally unrealistic to consider that the plot may have been the result of the writing staff having some sort of join nightmare and writing it all down, as the entire thing has a strange, surreal quality to it. Everything seems slightly off – Batman has dodgy dealings with government agents and wears a cowboy hat, the main villain is crickets, there’s a humanoid bat watching MTV – it’s almost indescribably weird.

If you want to see two humanoid bat people have a drawn-out sex scene – while their son watches, no less – this comic is your ticket to weird fantasy town. For any sane humans, it’s maybe worth repressing any and all memories of it.

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