10 Controversial Batman Comics DC Wants You To Forget

8. The Milkman Crime Syndicate

Batman #16 is a first in many ways; the first time Alfred is in a Batman comic, one of the first appearances of the Joker and the first (and maybe only) time milkmen have been used in an evil scheme.

The beautiful part of this is that there is the strong suggestion in the comic that milkmen are generally saints, which is either made up for the sake of the comic, or the most obscure fact known to man. The fact that this makes Batman’s milkman initially above suspicion is hilarious though, as it’s strange to think the one role the detective would never question is that of a loyal deliverer of milk.

Ironically, it’s also one of the most educational Batman comics to date – on specifically dairies, and the things within them – although it seems unlikely that you could pasteurise a body to get rid of it, as unexpectedly badass as that sounds.

Although it’s 99% likely the entire thing was written specifically to make dairy puns, the fun mystery of the comic is sure to have contributed to the initial popularity of the Batman comics – so it’s not all bad.

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