10 Coolest Well-Known Male Villain Costumes In Comics

Marvel ComicsThere are some really awesome male supervillains in the world of comic books. They can be powerful, ruthless, genius and charismatic, but one of the things that all of them simply must possess is a great and memorable costume (and, in case you’re wondering why this article is focusing on males, a female one will follow in the coming weeks!). Whether it’s because it looks good, because it strikes fear in to the villain’s victims and opposing heroes alike, or because the functionality is awesome, costumes are what visually imprint villains – or indeed any characters – in to our collective brains. They are the first things you think of, in most cases at least, when you think of iconic villains. Striking colours, flamboyant and massively varying styles, heavy armour and useful gadgets are what villain costumes are all about and that’s what you’ll find here. So, without further ado, focusing on humans and humanoids, and concentrating on the well-known villains only (a similar list of more obscure villains will also follow in the coming weeks) let’s take a look at some of the best villain costumes out there. Here are the ten coolest well-known male supervillain costumes in comic books…

10. Count Nefaria (Marvel Comics)

Marvel ComicsAs far as villains of his nature go (he basically possesses the typical Superman type powerset, with some additional ionic energy based powers to boot), Count Nefaria’s costume is very different. It is extremely majestic, somewhat regal and appears, at first glance at least, to be more fitting of a wizard or a sorcerer (a fact made all the more relevant when you consider that both his hair and facial hair are identical to those of Doctor Strange – even down to the white streak). Count Nefaria has a long red and yellow cloak, as opposed to a cape, with a huge collar that surrounds his head. Additionally, he has a tight-fitting predominantly black and white bodysuit that shows off his ripped torso. It portrays might and authority and, given that Nefaria is an incredibly powerful villain (he casually blocked a swing of Mjolnir with one hand), it is very fitting of the character.

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