10 Marvel Comic Book Bloopers & Mistakes

Back in the day when comics weren’t the big business they are today you only had a few underpaid and overworked people pushing out a large number of comic books every month. And those overworked employees and freelancers did an incredible job of laying the groundwork for the high quality of comic books we have today. But, because of deadlines (they actually met) and not enough eyes to look at every comic, mistakes were going to be made and you have some wonderful bloopers. And while DC comics has their share, I’m more of a Marvel fan and have focused on their bloopers. Read the top ten Marvel comic book bloopers and have a laugh.

10. Hercules pulls Manhattan Island? Really? Really?

Marvel Team-up #28 – What’s the story?

Okay, I’m not a picker of nits and I realize comic books aren’t the place to find factual stories that are based on truth. I also know a man can fly, breathe water, survive in space, shoot beams from his eyes and a hundred other powers which are described in the comic books, but the idea of pulling Manhattan is so absurd it must start the list of comic book bloopers by Marvel. And just what is the chain connected to on the island? The only “bigger” blatant disregard of physics I’ve found in comics is the defiance of gravity so many females are capable of with their bosoms.

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