10 Reasons Why Wolverine Should Stay Dead

Deaths in comic books are always kind of a tricky thing. When done right, the story can be very effective. When done wrong, it will seriously affect the credibility of the title. Wolverine is the rare character who should remain dead after a great run. Here are the reasons why James Logan Howlett should remain dead. (Yes, in case you didn’t know, Wolverine is going to die.

10. Wolverine’s Death Will Inspire Heroes

In the world of comic books, deaths are almost a necessary part of the motivation for heroes to continue. The trouble is that we are generally not allowed to really meet the people who died. Spider-Man‘s entire story is inspired by the death of Ben Parker. The problem is that we don’t know Ben Parker any more than we know Bruce Wayne’s parents. The impact as well as the heroism only grows when there is a long history with the deceased. Wolverine’s death can become a rallying cry for all of Marvel’s heroes. Can you think of a better end for a superhero that was once referred to as a sociopath.

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