10 Reasons Why Wolverine Should Stay Dead

8. The “Captain America Precedent”

The only people who ever truly die in comics have to be sincerely loved by Peter Parker. However, Marvel has established a precedent of a major character dying or being lost signaling a major change in the direction of the company. For instance, you cannot tell the story of Captain America without freezing him in World War 2. You also cannot tell the story of Captain America without Steve Rogers being a time displaced throwback struggling to learn the modern age.

That is the only possible direction that Wolverine’s story can go in at this point. There should be at least a two decade minimum on Wolverine’s death. After that point, you can give him a John Spartan resurrection in whatever the modern world is in the mid 2030’s or beyond. Logan’s return would then signal a new Comic Age. Also, you could never again tell the story without the story of his death.

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