10 Stupidest Avengers Of All Time

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The Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – are Marvel’s premier team, and the world’s first line of defence against alien invasions, world-ending events and supervillain team-ups.

They’ve called upon the likes of Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and more over the years, but sometimes it feels as though the team lacks a vetting process altogether, owing to the fact that some truly dodgy characters have made it into their ranks over the years.

The fact of the matter is that there’ve been jerks, betrayers, pale imitations and downright bizarre heroes who’ve been able to call themselves Avengers, and while no, none of them are Hawkeye (because he’s genuinely brilliant), there are a few high-profile names to mention when it comes to recording particularly poor instances of bad Avenger-ing.

While this isn’t to say that Marvel should stop messing with the Avengers formula, so to speak, seeing as how there’ve been dozens of worthwhile additions to the lineup in the decades following the team’s introduction, it’s equally true that attempts to supplant the key figures on the team haven’t always worked out for the best.

10. Stingray

Aquaman and Namor might get a bad rap for their aquatic powers, but they’re both a damn sight better than Stingray.

An oceanographer who comes across Namor in 1967, Walter Newell is about as bizarre as it gets when it comes to the superhero genre, if the red and white winged get-up didn’t scream that loudly enough already. The Ray, equipped with a fancy suit that let’s him glide around along with other, equally dismal abilities, can also travel really quickly underwater… and that’s about it.

He doesn’t really do much else during his time with the team. Tony Stark accuses him of using Stark technology to make his suit, which leads to Iron Man’s temporary dismissal from the group for a few issues.

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