10 Surprising Things the Best Fitness Trackers can do

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Fitness bands are one of the coolest devices ever made for fitness freaks. They look like simple wristbands with a smart display that tracks the amount of exercise a person has done as a part of a healthy lifestyle. They slightly differ from smartwatches but if you compare their prices, fitness bands are way cheaper than most branded smartwatches.

While most of us believe that fitness bands perform basic tracking tasks of steps taken, calories burnt, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, there is a lot more hidden behind that simple band.

You will be delighted to know that the best models can serve much more. Want to know more?

Here are 10 surprising things the best fitness trackers can do or atleast you should keep them in mind before buying a fitness tracking device.

Double it up as Bluetooth set

The smartwatch display is actually detachable from the band. So, it doubles up as a Bluetooth device that vibrates when your mobile is ringing, maybe in the other room. All you need to do is to plug on the device on to your ear and you can answer calls.

Listen to Music

Need to go hands-free but can’t get off your favorite tunes? Fitness band does it all. It can be used to listen to enchanting music playlists through its tiny music chip. The designs are ergonomic and fit into the ear snugly, so you can enjoy music without any inconvenience.

Monitor Heart Rate

Yes, a fitness band is actually your portable heart rate monitor. Its sensors continuously monitor your rate and let you know about subtle changes too.

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