10 Things You Didn’t Know About Thor

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9. He Has A Murder Dog, Called Thori

Nope, it’s not just Hawkeye who has a canine companion in the Marvel Universe – Thor has one too.

Called Thori, the Odinson’s faithful mutt was originally a pet of Loki’s before he attached himself to Damon Hellstrom. Travelling throughout the cosmos, Thori soon found himself in the clutches of the Collector, before being rescued by Thor. He most recently featured in the mammoth 700th issue of Aaron’s run on the series, helping Thor fend off an attack on the Nornkeep, and he’s just about the best thing ever, really.

With the Odinson seemingly poised to resume his mantle as the God of Thunder, we can only hope that Thori will stay by his side and, following in Pizza Dog’s footsteps, team up with Mewnir – Nancy Whitehead’s pet cat.

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