10 Things You Didn’t Know About Thor

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8. He’s Been Unworthy For Some Time Now

Here’s a thing that should come as a surprise to most Thor fans: the Odinson’s actually been unworthy for some time now. Also he lost his arm (things haven’t been too great for him lately).

Dealt a devastating blow by an omniscient Nick Fury in the pages of Original Sin #7, Thor soon found himself without Mjolnir and without a cause to boot, seemingly ruined by the revelation that “Gorr was right”.

For those not in the know, Gorr the God Butcher was one of the villains Jason Aaron first introduced when he took over the main Thor book. Gorr, angered by the apparent lack of care afforded to his world by the Gods, wielded an enchanted blade and set about killing them all. Now obviously Thor wasn’t a massive fan of the guy whose namesake implied his own impending demise, so the two duked it out in the way most people who own a magical weapon or two would: dramatically, and with a whole lot of talking.

In the ensuing conversation, Gorr dropped the bombshell that Thor – although never explicitly – empathised with his struggle. Faced with confirmation of that fact, Thor’s struggled to reconcile with Mjolnir ever since, leading to Jane Foster’s eventual adoption of the mantle and an acceptance of the Odinson’s unworthy status.

It’s made for one of the most fascinating comic book arcs in the character’s history, and while he looks set to return to the title soon, it’s been a Journey into Mystery that everyone’s been able to get behind.

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