10 Things You Need To Know About The Future Of DC Comics

The way that the editorial team keep shaking it up, you’d think the DC Universe was a snow globe or something. Not four years after they totally rebooted their entire line of books and characters with the New 52 initiative, the publisher has returned to many of its classic stories and status quos with the current Convergence summer crossover. And there’s big changes coming after. Okay, so technically Convergence is a band aid to cover the DC office’s move from East to West Coast, but it’s also to buy them some time before they reveal a bunch more big changes to many of their main characters. Those changes have been slowly teased out with the Divergence Free Comic Book Day issue, and a recent series of Sneek Peak comics released online. All of those books have given readers a pretty good idea of what the state of the DCU is post-Convergence, with many of the main titles wrapping up major storylines before that event started and so above to move onto bigger and brighter things. Such as a certain Caped Crusader being a robot now. Also: more dead Green Lanterns. There’s still a few weeks left of Convergence, meaning there’s still time to get caught up with what awaits the likes of Superman, Green Arrow and, erm, Prez, Doomsday and Section 8 very, very soon. Here are ten things you need to know about the future of DC.

10. The President Is A Teenage Girl

First of all, skipping way ahead into the future: Prez is back! Sort of. Prez is one of those goofy Silver Age ideas that really doesn’t translate to modern comics. Even back in the seventies the idea of a teenage President Of The United States (who wins after young people are allowed to vote) was a hard sell, the book being cancelled after just four issues. In fact the only time Prez has properly appeared since then was in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, as one of many old-school comic book characters drafted in and given a darker edge. Well, DC are now bringing back Prez properly, and without a hint of darkness to be seen. Also: it’s set in the future. Taking place in the year 2036, the star of the new series is not Prez Rickard but a young girl called Beth Ross, elected via ballots cast on Twitter. The Sneak Peek preview didn’t feature any superheroes  conveniently side-stepping a sneak peek at the future of the DCU as a whole  but it did have big evil robots. That’s something to look forward to.

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