10 tips on getting the best out of your Nikon camera

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5. Add a key missing control to an Fn button

It’s annoying when a camera doesn’t provide a physical control for a feature you commonly need to access, particularly if you’ve become used to it on another body. Nikon’s entry-level models, for example, typically do not have a dedicated button for ISO or Wi-Fi, which means that you have to access these through the GUI.

The Fn button, however, which is included on even cheaper bodies, allows you to call upon a frequently used option of your choosing that isn’t otherwise directly accessible. This could be main feature such as ISO or White Balance, or something like HDR shooting or Wi-Fi. Just head over to the Controls section of the Custom Settings menu to define this.

More advanced bodies may also have other controls that you can also customise, although you won’t normally have the same breadth of options as you do with the Fn button.

6. Manually focusing? Consider the rangefinder

The Rangefinder feature is another of those longstanding, but overlooked, options that can easily help you out if you ever use manual focusing with the viewfinder. This is particularly useful on Nikon bodies as the vast majority do not offer the useful focus peaking feature that is common on compact system cameras and enthusiast compacts.

What this option does is provide you with a more accurate way to check whether something is in focus when focusing manually, using the indicators in the exposure scale that lines the bottom of your viewfinder.

You just line up a focusing point over your subject and turn the manual focusing ring. The scale at the bottom of the viewfinder will show whether you need to turn your focusing ring one way or the other, before the green dot in the bottom-left-hand corner of the viewfinder – the same one that comes into play when using autofocus – confirms that correct focus has been found.

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