10 Top photography tips for beginners with DSLRs

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#1 Use what you’ve got

As a beginner with entry level camera equipment, it’s easy to become demotivated when you see other photographers with fancier cameras and massive lenses at your son’s rugby game or at your local bird hide. Don’t let their gear intimidate you. And never let someone tell you that you’re shooting with the wrong brand!

Challenge yourself to get the best possible photographs with the camera you’ve got and make a deal with yourself that you’ll only upgrade once you’ve reached a certain goal, for instance: once you’ve got a photo published in a magazine or when you’re receiving a constant stream of excellent feedback on your photos on Facebook or Instagram.

#2 Master your DSLR

The fastest way to improve your photographic skills is to learn as much as you can about your camera. Yes, the manual may as well have been written in Greek, but these days there are countless top-notch video tutorials all over the internet. YouTube is particularly useful: simply type in your camera make and model (for example Canon 750D) and the word “tutorial” in the search bar and you’ll have a host of well-spoken online teachers at your disposal.

If you’d prefer to ask questions as well, book spot on a digital photography course in your area. A simple Google search should reveal at least one or two options.

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