10 Top photography tips for beginners with DSLRs

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#4 Increase your ISO-value

Unfortunately most people, including a lot of seasoned photographers, have been conditioned to keep their ISO values as low as possible when they take photos. Yes, low ISO values prevent your photos from becoming too blurry, but it also means slower shutter speed values, which, in turn, often results in blurry images. The key thing to remember is that when you increase your ISO value, your shutter speed will increase as well.

Take enough test shots with your camera at various ISO values and in various light conditions until you know exactly what the maximum ISO value is you’re happy to go up to. In other words, what’s the most grain you’re willing to deal with in return for a sharp photo? It might be 800 if you’re shooting with an old Canon 500D or as high as 1600 if you’re using a newer Nikon D7100. The point is, if you’re worried about blurry images, rather photograph at slightly higher ISO values.

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