10 Unexpected Inspirations Behind Famous Comic Book Villains

8. Galactus

Galactus is perhaps the most feared being in the comic book universe. The sole survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang, Galactus was once Galan, a space explorer and resident of the paradise planet of Taa. Galan realized that the end of his universe, the Big Crunch, was approaching, and eventually convinced a handful of survivors to fly a spaceship into the blazing cosmic cauldron. Although the others were killed by the intense radiation, Galan was gifted with new life and powers and Galactus was born.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby intended to create a unique villain, one that was beyond good and evil and had God-like powers. They ended up with a demi-god older than the universe itself who lived off the life force of planets. According to Kirby, to make sales he had go beyond stereotypical villains and gangsters and, for an unknown reason, he went to the Bible for inspiration.

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