11 of The Best Existing And in Development Wearable Technology That Create Power

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Wearable technology has been around for some time now but most electrical forms have one common unifying limitation, their batteries. These batteries tend to have limited capacities that directly impact their long-term use and once drained, the tech just becomes a fancy piece of jewelry.

Several talented individuals around the world have been developing methods of harvesting power from an unlikely source – you. They range from tapping into your biochemistry to using your own motion to generate enough electricity to power electronic devices.

If this technology can be mastered we may see a time when batteries, at least for small personal devices, are a thing of the past.

1. Bionic Power Generates Power from Walking

Initially designed and built for use by the U.S. and Canadian Armies, Bionic Power has created a wearable technology, PowerWalk, for charging batteries. They believe that this technology will have great utility in disaster zones and remote working sites as well as recreational activities.

2. Piezoelectric Quartz Watches Are Still Some of the Best

Piezoelectric Quartz Watches, sometimes termed ‘automatic quartz’, have been around for some time now but remain one of the best, and stylish, wearables that generate power.

They work by generating electricity using a piezoelectric quartz crystal and self-winding rotor. Electricity is generated from a rotating pendulum attached to a ‘large’ gear and small pinion setup that spins the pinion at high speed when the wearer moves.

This motion is then translated to a miniature electrical generator that charges either a capacitor or rechargeable battery.

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