11 Outdoor Photography Tips for Shooting with Your Smartphone

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Smartphone cameras keep getting better and better with each new phone release. And with all the added features and higher megapixel counts, it makes for a perfect companion for outdoor photography. It may not produce the same high-resolution images as bigger and more professional standalone cameras, but it will always offer the most convenience due to its multiple functions, app access, and portability.

To help you take your outdoor photography to the next level with just your trusty camera phone, we have compiled the following tips for you below:

Clean Your Lens

It’s easy for our smartphones to accumulate dirt due to daily use. And if you have to take photos, you’ll need to make sure that your lens is clean so you don’t get distorted, dirty, or blurry-looking shots. Cleaning only takes a few seconds. Just use a soft microfiber cloth to carefully remove any dust and fingerprint marks from your smartphone camera lens and you’re good to go.

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