12 Essential Captain America Stories

10. He Who Holds The Cosmic Cube (Tales of Suspense #79-81)

After Captain America was revived in Avengers #4, it was only a matter of time before Marvel Comics brought back the Star-Spangled Avenger’s arch nemesis from the Golden Age, the Red Skull. In the duo’s most famous encounter in the Silver Age, the Red Skull acquires one of Marvel’s most famous macguffins, the cryptic Cosmic Cube. This device brought unlimited power to whoever held it. All hope appears lost in this storyline’s final chapter as the Red Skull relentlessly batters Cap. But Captain America perseveres, thinking to himself so long as I remain unbeaten the Skull’s victory will never be assured! Cap out-thinks the Red Skull, and appeals to his inflated ego in order to defeat him. He tells the Red Skull he’s willing to serve him and when the red-faced Nazi lets his guard down, Cap times his attack perfectly and knocks the Cosmic Cube loose. After this battle, it became abundantly clear that nobody should ever discount Captain America, regardless of the odds or circumstances.

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