15 digital photography tips from the pros

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Our colleagues over on PhotoRadar.com have gathered together a bumper collection of 225 photography tips from over 50 recent interviews with some of the world’s best photographers.

If you’ve recently upgraded to a DSLR or simply want to be inspired to shoot better portraits, landscapes, travel and wildlife shots, and more, then read on, for our favourite tips from the selection.

1. Think about light all the time. Photography is about light, and it can come from any source – the sun, a candle, a computer. John Rankin, Advertising & Portrait Photographer

2. You need to know when it’s the perfect time to take the shot. I try to use only natural light and avoid heavy digital enhancement. Vincent Munier, Wildlife Photographer

3. Pre-empt the action. Even the fastest SLRs will have a delay. Bob Martin, Sports Photographer

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