15 digital photography tips from the pros

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4. Learn how to shoot in RAW. You won’t get the most from your photography if you only shoot JPEGs. Bob Martin, Sports Photographer

5. If you can see something odd in camera, then adjust it at the time you’re taking the shot. In my view it’s better than relying on using Photoshop later. Bryan Adams, Portrait Photographer (and rock legend)

6. Go to a museum and learn about pictures – who made them, and which ones you like and why. David Doubilet, Underwater Photographer

7. Choose subjects you’re passionate about. I decided I wanted to shoot motorsports when I was a teenager. Steven Tee, Formula One Photographer

8. If an image still isn’t working, really think about why this is happening. Retaking the shot in different circumstances could work. David Noton, Landscape Photographer

9. Focus on the image and the emotion, and focus less on digital trickery. Cameron Davidson, Aerial Photographer

10. By tightly framing the subject the intent of the image comes through strong and clear. Tim Fitzharris, Nature Photographer

11. Use a manually pre-set exposure to capture flying birds. Autoexposure systems can be fooled as birds pass across different backgrounds – from bright sky to dark forest, for instance. Brutus Ostling, Bird Photographer

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