15 digital photography tips from the pros

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12. With digital pictures, do a lot of cropping until you have stuff you really like. This will sharpen your eye and eventually you’ll get it in the camera. People tend to look at the subject matter, grab that and forget about the dynamics of composition. Mick Rock, Rock Photographer

13. Whenever humanly possible use a tripod – not just for stability but also to aid composition. Andrea Jones, Garden Photographer

14. Shoot when the sun’s at an angle and has colour – that is, rising or falling (from sunrise to about 10am and again from about 3pm to sundown). Shooting in the middle of the day gives your subjects deep shadows under their eyes and there’s little or no colour in the daylight. Pablo Bartholomew, Photojournalist

15. If somebody dismisses your work as being too simple, be proud of it. One of the hardest things in art is to stay simple. Jean-Marc Caracci, Street Photographer

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