15 Steps to an Amazing Landscape Photo

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3. Choose Your Subject

Simply being surrounded by beautiful nature is not enough to get amazing results with your photography. Even the best subjects can result in sub-par photos if there is no subject or focal point to capture the interest of viewers. Be sure that your photo has a purpose or a subject that makes it worth viewing.

4. Select Your Lens

Once you are in the right location and you know what you want to photograph, the next decision is which lens will allow you to capture the scene in the way that you want. Wide angle lenses tend to be a staple for landscape photography, but you have other options as well. You could use a mid-range lens (like a 50mm) or a telephoto lens to capture a subject off in the distance. You could also use a specialty lens like a fisheye. For more specific recommendations see our list of The Best Lenses for Landscape Photography.

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