32 tips and tricks to make a basic camera more powerful

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Most of us dream about owning a camera that’s more capable that the one we currently use, but there’s a good chance we’re not using our current kit to the fullest.

Today’s cameras are sophisticated tools and even cheaper, basic models will typically offer a number of clever features that you may have never through to call upon. Combined with using the right accessories, you may find that even a budget model can shine much brighter with very little effort on your part.

Here are 32 ways to get the most out of even more basic cameras.

1. Format your memory card

When you pop an empty memory card into the camera for the first time, make sure to format it using the Format or Format card option in the menu. You may even be promoted to do this once you put the card into the camera.

This will set up the necessary folders for all your images and videos, and will ensure your camera is saving everything as efficiently as possible to it. It will also erase everything on it – so make sure anything on there you want to keep is saved elsewhere first!

2. Check your dioptre

It’s entirely possible that your viewfinder is showing focus a little out of line for your eyesight. Fortunately, you can change this quite easily.

Whether it’s an electronic viewfinder or an optical one, check for a small cog next to it, and turn this control until the image inside the viewfinder is as focused as possible.

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