32 tips and tricks to make a basic camera more powerful

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3. Customise the AF-L control

The AF-L, or AF-L/AE-L, button on most camera bodies can be set up to lock autofocus, lock autofocus and exposure, or simply to lock exposure.

Most people don’t tend to use it but once you’ve set it up how you want it, this can help you out in many ways. From keeping exposure consistent between frames to preventing the camera from refocusing at a critical moment, it’s worth experimenting with what it can offer you.

Check your camera’s manual to see what’s possible with your particular camera body.

4. Create your own custom menu

Many cameras now, even more basic ones, give you the option to create a menu that contains options of your choosing.

Fill this with all the settings you use most often and it will save you from having to moving between lots of different menu screens whenever you need to change something.

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