5 Tips To Help You Enjoy Your First Digital Camera

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It’s easy to use a modern digital camera to take generic looking snapshots. Getting beyond what’s easy requires a little, or a lot, of commitment, (depending on how creative you desire to become.)

Dedicating a little time each day to learning how to use your new camera will enable you to be truly creative in your photography. Without a good understanding of the basics of photography and how to control your camera, and regular practice with it, you will most likely continue to produce bland photos and become disheartened.

Let me encourage you by offering you five tips to help you really enjoy your first digital camera.

1. Use YouTube and Google

Use YouTube and Google, rather than your camera’s manual, to learn the basic controls. Camera manuals are notoriously difficult to make sense of so finding alternative sources of information that provide you with a foundational understanding of your specific camera can be more beneficial for you.

Searching online for your camera model along with the word “settings” will often return you results which are easier to follow than the manual that came with your camera. Find a good website or video channel where you can comfortably follow the presenter. This will help you gain the knowledge you need in order to control your camera well.

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