5 Tips To Help You Enjoy Your First Digital Camera

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2. Take a Course or Workshop

Going beyond the very basics will require a little more study. Once you are a little more familiar with your camera and its essential controls, joining a workshop, night class, or enrolling in an online course can help take you to the next level of photographic skill and creativity.

Books and websites are helpful as well, but I find people interested in photography are often visual and tactile learners. Many people who join our photography workshops in-person or study with our online courses give us wonderful feedback that they have learned more with our help during a workshop or course than they have through self-study with books or other mostly text-based learning.

Before you enroll in a course it’s important to discover the content and style being taught. Make sure you are comfortable with whoever is teaching and ensure that they have sufficient knowledge and experience to convey what you want to learn.

There’s an abundance of photography courses available at various prices and levels of quality. Starting with a general course and then progressing on to more in-depth topics will build your photography experience in a positive manner.

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