6 awesome wearables you’ve probably never heard of

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5) Zing by Mvbii – the DIY wearable for younger folks

Launched at the end of September, Zing by the unpronounceable Mvbii is a wearable that looks a little like Blocks for the younger generation. With bright, quirky straps, pendants, gesture games, messaging apps, selfie features and weird kissing messages, the Zing is most definitely created with teens in mind.

The Zing can be worn on a strap, which you can switch out for different colours and styles, hooked onto a special pendant or kept in a carry case. It’s got some of the key features of most other wearables on the market, like activity tracking and notifications, but also has some additional features built-in, like gesture-controlled games and selfie controls, unique clip-based messaging (a dumbed-down Snapchat), a music player and a diary to share your meetups with your mates.

You can pre-order a Zing from Amazon now for £68.60 — although stocks have been running low since launch.

4) Shammane – a slim and beautiful smartwatch

When we first saw the Shammane, our little techie hearts jumped for joy: another smartwatch that actually looks good! That we’ll actually wear! With a similar form factor to the Pebble Time, a super slim, circular face and good-looking strap, the Shammane has been specially created to fit all of the important tech into something that looks like jewellery — or more accurately like the traditional watches we all know and love.

Unlike Blocks and other smart devices on the market at the moment, the Shammane isn’t built to be an all-singing, all-dancing wearable that’ll make your smartphone redundant. It’s designed more to alert you about the stuff that actually matters so you can get on with your day without checking your phone or laptop every few minutes. So it’s got calendar reminders, call alerts, messages, Facebook push notifications, a pedometer and three days’ battery life.

This is ideal for those who want to switch off more — not so great for those who want the convenience and high-tech specs of the Apple Watch or Moto 360.

The Shammane has customisable straps, so you can tailor yours to a particular outfit, occasion or activity. And did we mention the rose gold casing? There are three options: rose gold and dark blue leather, rose gold and nude leather and rose gold and metallic leather. Yep, it’s a rose gold lover’s dream.

The Shammane team is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo and is getting close to its goal, so head on over to the page to pledge (it’ll cost you about £200.)

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