6 awesome wearables you’ve probably never heard of

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3) The Dipper Audio Necklace by Tinsel – a statement necklace with built-in headphones

If The Dipper Audio Necklace looks familiar, it’s because we recently wrote about this simple yet ingenious wearable, but it fits perfectly into this feature.

The Dipper is a brilliant way to fight off the elusive headphone tangle goblin that’s lurking in the bottom of all our bags. The idea is that headphones are annoying: they get tangled on stuff, caught on stuff, sometimes broken on stuff and sometimes just lost in amongst stuff. So The Dipper is a clever piece of jewellery tech with headphones integrated into it — no more lost/damaged/screwed up headphones ever again.

The main part of the necklace holds the earbuds, and it’s made of a lightweight aluminium alloy — so won’t make your neck feel too weighed down like some statement jewellery does. It’s plated with 24K gold or gunmetal and silver, which means if you’re into this kind of jewellery it’s bound to go with most of your outfits. The earbuds themselves have been specially crafted to better fit a woman’s ears and there’s an integrated microphone and remote to make taking calls really easy.

The only drawback with the Dipper is whether we’d want to wear it every day. It’s a great-looking piece of statement jewellery but sometimes we want to wear other necklaces!

The Dipper is currently looking for funding on Indiegogo and it’s already hit its goal. It’ll cost you about £100 at the moment.

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