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Motiv Ring

If wearing a wrist band is a little too cumbersome for you, you might prefer to put a ring on it. The iPhone-compatible smart ring, Motiv, turns heads with its sleek, 8mm wide titanium band in rose gold or slate grey finishes. Inside, it’s a fitness tracker that monitors your steps, distance, active minutes and optical heart rate. The battery lasts five days, and is even waterproof up to 50 metres. Plus, there are seven sizes to fit both male and female fingers.


Even the most well-intentioned parents sometimes have a hard time keeping track of their kids. Small children wander off in the blink of an eye, and as they get older, the helicopter parenting needs to stop in favour of independence. Meet the kid leash of today, the Jiobit. It combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and cellular triangulation in a hybrid system of location tracking, along with machine learning, to map the typical patterns of your child over time and notifies parents of deviations. Small and discreet, clip the Jiobit to your child’s clothing, backpack or shoelaces. 

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