6 Pieces of Smart Clothing You’ll Actually Want to Wear

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Smartwatches were a glimpse into the future. But who said companies, or consumers, were satisfied stopping there? Clearly, based on recent releases, no one. Companies are being founded with the sole mission of making wearable technology. Google and Samsung have both even made huge investments in the market. It may sound futuristic, but there are products out there right now that couldn’t have existed even just 10 years ago—and they’re shockingly affordable given what they do. Here are six pieces of smart clothing you can add to your wardrobe today.

Ministry of Supply Mercury Heated Jacket

This Amazon Alexa-controlled jacket will keep you warm no matter the temperature outside. It’s a thin, sleek jacket that’s lined with carbon fiber heating elements that react to your core temperature, learning your preferences without asking. Next time you’re rushing from your front door to your car, just say, “Alexa, heat up my jacket a little,” and the jacket will be winter weather ready.

Komodo AIO Smart Sleeve

The AIO Smart Sleeve is a compression sleeve—a good looking one too—that tracks your heart-rate, exercise intensity, and steps. Wear it overnight and you’ll see a breakdown of your sleep pattern. It’s a tool trusted by NFL teams, NASA, and the United States Air Force. Other tools are clunky and uncomfortable. This sleeve will be a no-brainer in your gym ensemble. 

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