6 Pieces of Smart Clothing You’ll Actually Want to Wear

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Jacquard by Google

Yes, obviously Google got in on the fun, too. The Jacquard is a collaboration with Levi’s—turning their Commuter Trucker Jacket into the world’s first Google-synced garment. Your cuff is synced to your Google device, allowing you to control music, navigation, and phone calls with simple gestures. This bicycler-inspired jacket will make it so you never have to take two hands off the handlebars.

Sensoria Running System

The Sensoria Running System is the fitness geek’s dream. This smart-sock and anklet combo makes tracking speed, latitude, calories, distance, cadence, landing-technique, ball-striking ability, heel-striking tendencies, in real-time incredibly simple. The anklet connects to an app, letting coaches and trainers give wearers live audio feedback when connected to Bluetooth.

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