6 Pieces of Smart Clothing You’ll Actually Want to Wear

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Vixole Smart Sneakers

Ever wish you could design your own sneaker? Vixole is letting wearers decide what’s on their shoe. No, they’re not markers or vinyl patches; you’ve seen that before. Vixole is letting users, via built-in LED screens, bring their shoes to life. Digital designs appear on the shoe—even animated ones—and can be updated at any moment. It’s all controlled by your smartphone. The shoe is in prototype stages, but $160 gets you a pair as soon as they hit the market.


SKIIN is the market’s first smart underwear. There are sensors hidden within the fabric that track heart-rate, hydration, temperature, posture, and mood. When connected to your smart-home products, SKIIN can adjust the temperature when you’re cold, turn the lights off when you fall asleep, or play your favorite playlist when you seem stressed. It’s an invisible personal assistant

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