7 Camera Setting Mistakes Most Beginners Make

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Setting your drone camera right is half the battle in capturing an excellent aerial photo. Refined flying techniques can assist you to find the perfect angle, but without the correct the camera settings, your final picture will be far from what you anticipate. To give you a hand we’ve summarized 7 common camera setting mistakes to help you get things right before you tap the shutter button!

1. Exposure Mode

Why does your photo sometimes appear as plain white or black? Check the exposure mode! You can choose between AUTO and M(manual) mode. It’s very easy to get overexposed or underexposed images when not in Auto mode.For instance, some pilots may use M mode and set a slow shutter speed for night photography. And, If you forget to reset the camera for shooting in daytime lighting conditions, you will get a solid white picture. Thus, to avoid this situation, we recommend you first select Auto mode to check the image, then switch to Manual mode to adjust the settings.

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