7 Smart + Stylish Wearables to Tech Up Your Summer Wardrobe With

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Gone are the days when wearable devices could easily be described as masculine and unattractive. We now have a choice, and I am not talking about what colour rubber band you should choose. This is thanks to fashion tech startups like Blinq wearables and Bellabeat. They have come up with the kind of seamless tech devices that are not only offering convenience, but they are also designed to style up your look this summer.


Blinq is a Montreal based startup launched its ring collection in September 2017. With design at the forefront, Blinq brags three core smart ring technology features. The first is notifications. The ring is designed to alert the wearer through vibration or LED Gem-Glow technology. The second is the fitness and activity tracking ability and the third is the SOS distress function, which adds a layer of security and safety for the wearer.

With plans to release 2-4 collections a year, Blinq rings Mamane shared their future plans with us, “We will also be expanding with five bracelet styles that are at the moment in prototype phase”. The collection is priced at $149.00.


The new version of Spectacles incorporates some of Snap Inc’s community’s most requested features — water resistance and photo mode — as well as design updates and technical improvements. Designed to be fun and seamless Snap Inc has admitted to putting a lot of effort into improving the end-to-end Spectacles experience by focusing on three essential things; water resistance, improving image and audio quality, and increasing transfer speed.

Available in 3 new colours, besides the classic look making a comeback, Snap Inc has introduced three new approachable colours: onyx, ruby, and sapphire. You can also now choose between two Lens shades for each colour. Additionally, they have further miniaturised the electronics, so they’re sleeker and more lightweight. The temple area of the frame, which houses the bulk of the electronics, is about ⅓ smaller. This means that the charging case is smaller too by over 20%.

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