7 Tips for Taking Great HDR Photos

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Looking to improve your HDR photos? Check out some of these tips for getting better HDR pictures.

1. Use a Low ISO Setting

The lower your ISO setting on your camera the less noise your picture will have. HDR Photography is notorious for creating noise and images that appear grainy. Although you can fix some of this in post processing, it’s easier to use a lower ISO to begin with.

2. Take as Many Brackets as You Can

The more brackets you have, the more options you have when it comes to post processing. If you take nine exposures you may get a much different image result than taking three exposures. Typically the options include three, five, seven, or nine on higher end DSLR cameras. It’s better to take more exposures and get a great photo than taking more angles and get only okay photos. If you’re concerned about it using up too much memory you can bring additional memory cards along with you while you’re shooting.

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