8 DSLR Travel Photography Techniques for Beginners

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A holiday is a great opportunity to shoot a wide range of new subjects in all sorts of conditions. If you simply want to record memories you could leave your camera on auto, or point and shoot. However, if you’d like to return home with a collection of vibrant and dynamic images that best capture your experiences and the people and places you visit, the following tips will help you improve your travel photography.

1. Choose the Right Camera and Lens

Matching your gear to the kinds of shots you want to take and the kind of travel you prefer makes photography more enjoyable and productive.

You don’t need expensive gear to take great photos but if you’re serious about travel photography and are aiming for success across the widest range of subjects in all situations, you can’t go past a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera with a couple of zoom lenses such as a 24-70mm and a 70-200mm.

2. Carry a Tripod

Tripods can be a hassle to pack and carry, but along with a shutter release cable or remote wireless switch, can be invaluable. During most of the day there’s plenty of light, and hand-holding the camera should be fine. In low-light conditions indoors or on city streets, increasing the sensor’s ISO setting will let you continue hand-holding the camera. But if you want to achieve images with minimum noise in low light, maximise depth of field and use slow shutter speeds for creative effects, a tripod is necessary.

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