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There are so many smartwatches these days, it’s kinda hard to choose the best one.

We’ve seen quite a few on the market, and though Fitbits and the Apple Watch are more popular, we think this one by Garmin is worth investing in.

It’s called the Garmin Vivomove HR. It comes in two versions, Sport ($299) and Premium ($499). The only difference is that the Sport version uses a water-resistant silicone strap, while Premium uses leather.

It also has a LED touchscreen that displays a whole lot of details and lets you record workouts if you know how to use it, but more on that later.

This watch is meant for people who are into fitness (but not so intensively that they need the details or accuracy an athlete might) and style (it’s sleek and minimalist).

Read on for more reasons as to why it’s worth getting, and why you might want to consider it instead of the Apple Watch or Fitbit.

1) It doesn’t look like a smartwatch

The Garmin Vivomove HR looks like a real watch, not like someone strapped a mini-tablet on your wrist. Compare it to the latest Apple Watch and Fitbit Ionic which would clash with the outfit you’ve planned for a party or look out of place when you’ve suited up for an important meeting.

Sure, the latter have a lot of display settings you can play around with, and you can even have a digital clock face that shows when you’re not using the watch. But we prefer the classic look and the physical hands of the Vivomove HR, simply because it looks an analogue watch until you flick your wrist to look at it or double tap the screen. That’s when the LED lights up.

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