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4) You can view data in neat little graphs on the watch

But more than the number of features there are, we’re mindblown by how much easy-to-read information is packed into this absolutely tiny LED display that’s just about 1cm x 3cm.

If you tap the screen that shows your heart rate, you’ll uncover a cute little line graph tracking the intricacies of your heart rate over the last hour, coupled with your max and minimum rates. Same goes for stress levels, just that a bar graph is used instead.

5) It has features that not all smartwatches have

You can control your phone’s music (on YouTube, Spotify, or any other music playing app) straight from the watch. And if your phone can connect to more than one Bluetooth device, your watch can control the music on your Bluetooth-enabled speakers too. Pretty neat.

You can view past workouts, as well as the time spent, distance travelled, average heart rate, and calories burned. You can’t do that with a Fitbit or Apple Watch as they show that data only on their respective apps. And bonus – you can set alerts to go off mid-workout so you know when to stop or take a break. That’s quite useful.

And you can use your watch to find your phone or vice versa. The watch will have your phone ringing (at a volume you choose) so you can locate it. Can’t do that with a Fitbit, though the Apple Watch has that feature. But know that this works only when the phone is close enough for the Bluetooth connection to work.

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