8 Tips for Gorgeous Fashion Photography

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The glamorous international lifestyle, the huge audience, the awe-inspiring photoshoots and the high-paying checks are only some of the reasons why this sought-after profession seems inaccessible. But while there are no easy checklists or sure-fire plans to ensure your success, there are certain small steps to bring you closer to your dream.

Aspiring photographers may believe that it’s all about the composition and the technical aspects, but the truth is that fashion photography is much more than just getting an image that is technically flawless. There are certain things that may still fall through the cracks especially when you’re focusing on getting the mechanics just right. So here are some tips to help you with your transition:

1. Prepare Your Concept before the Actual Shoot

There is no such thing as over preparation, especially when you’re new to the scene. Inspiration isn’t something that appears just when you need it most.

In fact, you’ll most certainly be too concerned with every other detail connected with the shoot to focus on what you are trying to achieve. So prepare your concept in the days preceding a shoot. Devour books on lighting, make-up, styling, hair, posing and editing and take the time for this multitude of information to be processed and organized in a coherent way.

Are you photographing male or female models? What is the purpose of this particular shoot? We each have our creative process, however, certain steps help crystalize ideas and give you a clear picture of where you’re heading.

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