8 Wearable Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Trip Easier

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Fitness Trackers

It’s easy to fall victim to unhealthy habits on vacation, but it’s just as easy to squeeze some walking or other healthy activities into your trip if you keep track of your body with a fitness tracker. Use a Fitbit to count your daily steps and even chart your sleep stats during your trip.

BASU eAlarm

SmarterTravel’s Jamie Ditaranto toted around the BASU eAlarm, a self-defense keychain, to see if it was durable enough for travel. Add this tiny alarm to your collection of wearables in case you find yourself walking alone at night in unfamiliar places. “It never hurts to have a portable self-defense device on you,” Ditaranto says. “This one emits a loud noise when you pull a pin, yet it’s small and light enough to fit in with your keys, so you’ll never leave it at home.”

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