9 Famous Spider-Man Comic Book Moments That Will Never Happen In The Movies

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8. Doctor Octopus Is The Superior Spider-Man

Despite the acrimony the storyline initially caused, The Superior Spider-Man has been an unqualified success. Writer Dan Slott found a way to develop an entire series around the idea of lifelong villain Doctor Octopus stealing the identity and body of his enemy Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and masquerading as a new and improved version of the Web Slinger. But, the tastes of comic book fans and moviegoers are not always aligned, and it’s more likely than not that The Superior Spider-Man is far too wacky and abstract of a concept to work as a two-plus hour feature film.

For one, casual moviegoers tend to identify and sympathize with a clear-cut hero, and it would be immensely difficult to achieve that by building a film around a character that murdered his adversary in order to assume his identity. Additionally, a Superior Spider-Man movie would need a tactfully-written script for the nuances of the character to translate.

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