Batman: 8 Incredibly Dark Joker Moments We’ll Never See On Screen

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He’s been called the greatest comic book villain of all time and one of the greatest characters ever created. From his inception in 1940 to his continued existence in 2014, the Joker remains as popular as ever both for both comic book and non-comic book fans alike, with his Glasgow smile, green hair, and startling white skin being instant symbols of recognition. The Joker debuted in the Golden Age of comic books as a mass murdering serial killer Batman has to stop. His appearance in nine of the initial twelve issues established himself as the caped crusader’s archenemy, and he continued to play the sociopathic role till the comic book code authority took control of the industry and ushered in the silver age, resulting in many characters becoming family-friendly caricatures of their former selves. In other words, the Joker literally became a gimmicky clown. Luckily, all that changed with the ushering in of the bronze and modern ages, wherein the Clown Prince Of Crime was brought back to his roots. Of course, in today’s world where success for a superhero film mostly equates in a PG-13 rating, the gruesomeness of some of the Joker’s more popular crimes will either never be depicted or completely shown. Here is a list of 8 such ones:

8. The Murder Of Jason Todd

After serving more than 40 years in the role, it was definitely difficult for many fans to let go of Dick Grayson as Robin. The chemistry he’d developed with Bruce Wayne made their relationship very easy for new writers to take over. Sadly, creating a teen punk as a replacement wasn’t very wise. To be fair, Todd was actually very identical to Grayson initially, but he was changed to fit a more modern-outlook following the mass reboot event called Crisis on Infinite Earths. Regardless, the character was killed off via an infamous telephone poll that resulted in the now acclaimed storyline A Death In The Family. Of course, who better to knock off the rebel than the Dynamic Duo’s nemesis himself?! After tricking Todd’s mom into leading her son into a warehouse, the clown proceeds to beat the heck out of him with a crowbar in front of his own mother before leaving them both to die in a bomb he’d rigged. Why It Won’t Be Done… Beating someone to death isn’t uncommon in PG-13 movies, but if the victim is an underage kid? That’s a whole other story. It’s an unwritten rule in Hollywood that you not show that happening, and while it could perhaps work in a brief flashback, Memento-esque format used to depict Todd’s death, a panel-to-panel reconstruction would never be shown. In all honesty, just look at that picture of Batman cradling a bloodied, dead body in his arms and tell me they’d show this in a live action, theatrical release.

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