Beginner Photography Mistakes and Tricks For Avoiding Them

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Let’s face it – photography can be tough to learn.

Not only is there a lot of technical stuff to learn like what camera settings to use in what situation and how to use artificial lighting, but there’s also a ton of artistic considerations to make, too.

That includes how to pose people for portraits, how to use leading lines to create depth in landscape photos, and using unique angles to create eye-catching shots.

And on top of all that is learning what gear to use and what gear is best for you.

It’s a lot…

In this guideline, I review critical beginner photography mistakes – most of which I committed at one point or another – in the hopes that I can help you minimize your mistakes and help you learn how to improve your photography.

Beginner Photography Mistake: Using Free Editing Software

Let me start by saying that while some free editing software –¬†GIMP, for example – is actually quite good, most of it is definitely not.

To make it free, there’s often tons of ads for web-based editors and tons of fee-based add-ons for software that you download.

And while that might not sound all that terrible, having reduced functionality and/or annoying ads popping up all the time can severely disrupt your workflow.

Editing is not an optional process – it is an integral component of creating dynamic, beautiful photos.

As such, get yourself the real deal –¬†Lightroom, Photoshop, and so on – and avoid the beginner photography mistake of using free software that just doesn’t cut it.

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